About GrowthNet

Freelance Association

Value-based Tools for Better Freelancer-Client Interactions

Local Freelancers

Local providers for local businesses. No language or time-zone challenges and you can meet and collaborate in person!

Zero Fee Network

There are no fees charged to either businesses or freelancers for the work coordinated through GrowthNet.

Direct Communication

Freelancers and Clients communicate directly, ensuring that project scope and cost information is clear and direct.

Our Story

GrowthNet was formed to help U.S.-based freelance marketing services providers connect directly with businesses in their area which need their services.  Existing networks include freelancers from around the globe.  This pits U.S.-based providers against providers working in very different economies, who can often charge much less for similar services. It also causes problems for the hiring businesses, such as time-zone issues and language barriers.  You often spend more time and effort managing these outsourced providers diminishing the value provided by a “good deal”.

The Value of Local

When you hire a local provider, you help support your local economy. Supporting local providers means ensuring great products and services are here to stay and local communities receive the tax revenue that funds schools, parks, roads, etc.  Plus there are some added benefits to you!  No language barriers and time-zone challenges.  And, when you hire some from your city or local area, you can meet and collaborate in person and develop an ongoing relationship. Your freelance marketing service provider will become a valued member of your team.