Consultant Resources

When you join GrowthNet as a Consultant or Agency we provide valuable resources to help you connect directly with businesses in your area which need your services. Your monthly member dues allow you to provide additional value to your clients through our Marketing Dashboards and GrowthNet News publications.

Like successful franchises and co-ops, the GrowthNet unifying brand connects freelancers that share common values, allows collaboration and referrals with providers of complimentary services and offers cost-savings through collective marketing.

Learn more about the The Value of a Unifying Brand.

Tools for Your Clients

Marketing Dashboard

GrowthNet Consultants can provide clients a Marketing Dashboard which includes a valuable overview of their online marketing metrics.  By tracking SEO, keyword ranking, social media activity and more, you create stickiness and identify opportunities for growth.

A $19/mo value included in your Consultant membership

GrowthNet News

Grab a cup of coffee and peruse GrowthNet News, the online marketing magazine for small business.  GrowthNet Consultants may use electronic and print versions* of this valuable resource for client acquisition and retention.

A $400/mo value included in your Consultant membership

*consultant pays printing costs

Tools to Grow Your Business

Collective Advertising

As a member Consultant you’ll receive exposure and leads through GrowthNet advertising efforts.  We dedicate a percentage of membership fees and target businesses in your area to promote GrowthNet and the value of hiring local freelancers.  You receive leads through your featured GrowthNet Directory listing.

Included in your Consultant membership

Network Collaboration

GrowthNet encourages collaboration and referrals among freelancers. Offer more to your clients through outsourcing complimentary services to other freelancers in the GrowthNet directory or our virtual agency partners.  You retain your clients and earn a management fee.  Do more of what you love and grow your freelance business through outsourcing the rest!

Included in your Consultant membership

More Valuable Tools

Marketing Plan Builder

Use our Marketing Plan Builder to begin the process of developing a marketing plan.  GrowthNet Consultants can use this tool to create plans and develop an implementation map for clients.

Website Cost Estimator

A business’s website is central to both online & offline marketing success.  But how much should it cost?  And what should you expect to get for your investment.  Use our Website Cost Estimator to find out!

Why is it better to work with freelancers?

When you work with freelancers you get experts who are passionate about their work and motivated to help you succeed.  Highly-creative and entrepreneurial, freelancers think outside the box and focus on what's best for you and your goals.