The Value of a Unifying Brand

At GrowthNet we believe in the value we provide through our tools, network collaboration and collective marketing. But perhaps the most valuable asset we provide is a unifying brand.

An annual study by Upwork (a gig-focused, global website for freelance work) indicates “the total number of Americans who freelance to 53.7 million.”

If you’re an independent freelancer, working under your own brand, your competition are among that 53.7 million!  Maybe you’ve experienced the challenge of explaining who you are, and what you stand for…EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH A PROSPECTIVE CLIENT.

As awareness grows, the GrowthNet unifying brand, and common brand values, will open doors and reduce the sales process for freelancers.  And by joining with providers of complimentary services, we’re able to share referrals and better serve our clients.

These successful associations will give you an idea of what we’re striving to build.

brand strengthRE/MAX

When RE/MAX launched in 1973 they turned the real estate market upside-down by focusing on recruiting and serving top-performing real estate agents (instead of focusing on brokers’ needs). RE/MAX founders knew: “If agents have the tools and support they need to succeed, customers and Broker/Owners benefit as well.”

GrowthNet has adopted this same philosophy for the freelance marketing services industry.  Here’s how:

  • by helping already successful freelancers grow through income stabalizing offerings
  • by providing services and support to help freelancers be top-performers
  • through establishing a unifying brand and values that will be desired in the industry

Independent Grocers Association

For more than 80 years, IGA has proven the value of a unifying brand.  Beyond name recognition some things IGA provides to independent grocers that GrowthNet provides to freelancers are:

  • group buying power to provide lower cost resources to association members
  • support of peers, partners and programs custom-designed for independents
  • cooperative marketing that focuses on the association values and drives customer loyalty
  • ongoing training and development that independents don’t receive on their own